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About Us

Innovation, Development and Service is what we’re


Leaders in Software Development

Leading a development team is no easy task. An effective Tech Lead establishes a technical vision with the development team and works with developers to turn it into reality. Along the way, a Tech Lead takes on traits that other roles may have, such as a Team Lead, Architect or Software Engineering Manager but they remain hands-on with code.

The Team Lead had a strong focus on the people side and tracking of tasks. They would have 1-to-1s with people on the team, and co-ordinate with outside stakeholders to schedule meetings that didn’t interrupt development time where possible.

They are responsible for more than one development, and have tasks that include:

  • Maintaining a productive working environment for development teams.

  • Acquiring appropriate budget for development to support business goals.

  • Representing the technology perspective on a management or board level.

  • Establishes and/or co-ordinates programmes of work
    (delivered through development).

  • Responsible for overall IT headcount.


Committment to Service

Customers are looking for a high quality relationship, but often they are the ones doing the wooing, to try and find a provider who will even give them the time of day.

Customer commitment means more than just giving customers your undivided attention and best behavior, it also means being honest with them. Customers, like your sweetheart once again, appreciates when you give them the straight story all the way down the line. Customers feel betrayed when the provider is dishonest or withholds details or conditions of the service/sale. it is a common way that a provider boast of the great relationship which they want to develop with their customers and then utilize bait and switch strategies or other subterfuge to extract more in the ways of charges and fees that were not originally brought out in the open.

Our sucess is ased on:-

  • Listen to our customers

  • Be genuine to our customers

  • Create and engage with our partners

  • Put emphasis on customer success

  • Keep in touch

Looks STM

Swastik Tech Mate is one of the finest software developing companies in eastern region of India and growing fast to be one of the leading software companies in India, started its journey in the year of 2008.

  • From the very beginning we are dedicated to develop the quality and innovative ideas. Our main motto is not to compromise with the quality.

  • Kolkata’s leading service provider in high-end technology solutions engaged in providing solutions & services to premium sector individuals, corporate, Government and Education Industry.

  • World class delivery infra-structure with high-performance Cloud server deliverable in compliance with global quality standards.

  • Highest pool of knowledge capital in form of trained and experienced human resources ready to take on any challenges on Information Technology anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

  • Assuring you best of our services all the time & looking forward to serve you our best.



We believe the technology we use at work should be as good as the technology we use in our personal lives. We think it’s time for something new. Engaging customers instead of managing them is the new way to create competitive advantage. We believe in authenticity and making a difference. And that by doing so, companies can turn their customers into their biggest fans and best salespeople. Build up a team of associates, client is associates not customer.



To build value for customers through innovative use of technology, support, service and customer Referrals

Mile stones:-


Quality of Product or Service


Affordable Price or License Fees


Make Customer Loyal


Huge Customer Base


Corporate Training

Our aim is to provide the highest level of client satisfaction & effectiveness by implementing Dynamic Client Solutions Tools ( DCST ). DCST implementation is done at the micro-level through the following set of transactions:-

Customer Business Identification Determining Product & Positioning Strategy Identifying Systems & Upgrade Setting immediate goals – Horizontal & Vertical Client Presentation Client Feed Back form & Specifics identification Back-office Development Product Authentication & Delivery Back-office Client Support



To sustain and grow in the fiercely competitive knowledge driven industry, quality is the most important ingredient. Quality delivery of training services as per international quality and service standards is a per-requisite for any service driven organization. With a team of experienced service personnel, we provide a prompt and quality service. Our well-managed sales team is always ready to serve you with any of your requirement as early as possible.